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HoloTech Counterfeit Protection
Anti-Counterfeit solutions based on our proprietary Still Platform.
The most advanced security hologram.
The visual appearance of our holograms is unparalleled - your users will immediately know it is real.
Decades of interdisciplinary development, propriety technology, in-house built production machinery.
Unlimited content possibilities. Practically any digital 3D model can be used in full colour and high definition.
Brand Protection
High end products deserve high end counterfeit protection that can even add to their exclusive appearance.
Government Documents
We are working together with industry leaders to provide the most advanced solutions for governments and central banks across the globe.
How it Works
Our technology is highly versatile so we can tailor our products and solutions to our customers’ needs.
First, send us your 3D model or tell us your ideas and our designers will make one for you. There are practically no limits.
Next, lets discuss the size, positioning and holographic resolution that best suits your product.
Finally, select a tamper evident method of application that fits your production.
Our unique holographic material can be combined with a variety of traditional methods such as QR codes, serialisation, digital printing, and laser etching. Combining the best of both worlds, allows us to offer a wider range of options and provide better tailored solutions.
3D scanning
By using our proprietary scanner or one of our accredited partners’ solutions, we can create photorealistic 3D models of your product which can be imaged as a hologram. For governments, we can even offer a photorealistic 3D portrait for identification purposes
HoloTech is partnered with a leading blockchain developer firm to implement high security and user-friendly tracking solutions that complement our unique holographic technology. The best of both worlds.
Still have questions?

How durable is the hologram?

Our holograms are resistant to high temperatures, UV, water, considerable physical damage, and are even machine washable. This durability also allows us to use a wide range of adhesives and post processing machinery to create a tamper evident solution.

How can I fit it with my production?

We produce holograms with a roll to roll set up. We can deliver in a variety of roll sizes or even sheets, to suit the machinery of our clients. Multiple, die cutting or adhesive options are available.

What are the lighting conditions required?

Any type of light is sufficient to see the hologram including simple LEDs or the sun light. It is important that the light is mostly focused and comes from one or few sources. The light source also has to come from a specific range of angles. This range is determined at production, can be almost anything but is most commonly set to 45°.

What material is the hologram on?

Our holograms are imaged on a our unique photosensitive material. We can make several alterations to thickness, carrier material, and protection layer upon request by the customer. Generally, we use a 24-micron thin transparent material with a polycarbonate carrier and protection layer.

Does the hologram need a background?

Depends on our clients need. The hologram is imaged on a thing transparent material so generally a darker background is preferred but not necessary. We can also add a black background material to all holograms, so the visibility is always enhanced.

On what surfaces can I apply the hologram?

Practically anything. Because of the durability and adaptability of our material we can apply a wide range of adhesives, post processing and application methods for a variety of materials including paper, metals, plastics, and other polycarbonates.
We are a research driven company, building products on our world leading core holographic technology.
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