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Our Alternative Platform focuses on the application of holography for purposes other than visualisation. The physical properties of our core technology allows for the development for various products that utilise our ability to manipulate electromagnetic waves. Thereby we can potentially generate significant value in fundamental industries. Our alternative platform is in the early phases of development. We have proof of concept for all the derivative products of the platform and we are currently working on prototyping in most areas.
The race to develop the best HUD in the automotive industry is intense. Our display platform will be the first HUD to project volume holograms with truly 3D animations, which opens a completely new path for the application of augmented reality and holography in the automotive industry.
As the next generation of our still holographic maps, the Display Platform offers unparalleled possibilities for the improvement of 3D map visualisation. Based on this platform we are also developing the most advanced HUD system, for use in aerial and ground vehicles.
The potential applications of our Display Platform are vast and include areas such as medicine, education, engineering, aviation and many more.
WebScape is our proprietary software package designed to ensure an efficient workflow. It allows the easy preparation of 3D models for hologram production from a wide variety of 3D formats, thereby significantly reducing the costs and time required of pre-production works. WebScape has two versions: One, as a plug-in for various 3D modelling programs used by professionals. Two, as its own program with a user friendly interface, allowing the easy drag and dropping of pre-made 3D models on cloud based platform.
he energy application of our Alternative Platform entails the improvement of solar panel efficiency. Using our unique holographic method and materials we are creating a layer that is capable of redirecting and selecting electromagnetic waves. Applying this film to a solar panel can optimise the angle and wavelength of light falling on the solar panel, thereby significantly improving its efficiency in a cost-effective way.
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Holographic storage has long been sought after because of its potential to store huge amounts of data in a compact way - based on our core technology we can potentially offer a significant breakthrough in this area. The interference patterns that we record on the holograms of The Still Platform, contain huge amounts of information, that are decoded by our eyes. We are working on storing and most importantly retrieving data from holograms trough digital methods.
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We are a research driven company, building products on our world leading core holographic technology.
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