Zebra Imaging Announces Sale of 3D Holographic
Print Assets to HoloTech Switzerland AG

Austin, TX – September 15, 2017– Zebra Imaging Inc, the world leader in 3D Holographic Printing, announced today that it finalized the sale of the firm’s 3D Holographic Imagers and print business to HoloTech Switzerland Ag, a European print company. Zebra Imaging’s digital holographic print technology creates realistic, three-dimensional experiences unlike any other. Zebra’s digital print techniques set new standards for precision and accuracy, allowing viewers to see 3D images without cumbersome glasses or viewing aids.
“We are very excited today to match the cutting-edge technology that Zebra has perfected with the disciplined operational talent behind HoloTech, AG. This technology has been proven to be extremely valuable in medical, military, retail and other commercial efforts, and recently was brought to the consumer market through Zebra’s partnership with LucasFilms and the Star Wars Franchise”, said Chuck Scullion, Zebra Imaging’s President and CEO. “Bringing everyday brilliant 3D to the traditionally 2D print industry is exactly what is needed to bring growth back to the industry. Adding this technology to a team with deep experience in large scale commercial print operations at HoloTech creates a global powerhouse. We congratulate HoloTech AG on this move and look forward to seeing great long-term success.”
“I have been investigating 3D Holographic Printing for several years,” stated HoloTech AG CEO, Imre Lakatos,”having purchased a monochrome imager from Zebra in 2014, and I could not be more excited about the prospects. The market demand we have seen in North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia, is strong and we look forward to building on the legacy built by the Zebra team. We are very pleased to add this technology and product set to our portfolio and look forward to growing the business.”

About HoloTech Switzerland AG.

With Locations in Switzerland and Hungary, HoloTech Switzerland AG has become the leading large format holographic print company in the world. Through the purchase of Zebra Imaging's proven, award-winning holographic visualization technology, HoloTech makes a significant leap forward in the art and science of 3D imaging. HoloTech can provide customers with autostereoscopic, full-parallax 3D digital holograms - requiring no glasses or viewing aids. 3D Digital holography provides real-world viewing and uses of 3D data, establishing the science as the future of 3D for many research, construction and consumer projects.



For more information visit holotech.com or email Kristóf Fekete (kfekete@holotech.com).



Showroom and regional sales center will be established in 2016. A new production center will be opened later on in order to directly serve the hologram needs of MENA region.





The European sales center is located in Zürich, Switzerland

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